Sunday, 4 September 2016

What is HADOOP’

It is mind-baffling if we try to imagine how the social networking giants manage to deal with the monstrous amount of data. There are millions of users all around the world in every fraction of a second. There are tens of thousands of companies working on their tasks. So how are the computers being able to process this mammoth sized build-up?

The answer is Big Data Analytics and Hadoop is one such program. Before we head off, let me take you through a short journey from where it all began.

Earlier, search results were returned by humans sitting at the back-end. The search engines were not that busy so humans could help locate relevant information amid the text-based content. However, as the worldwide web grew to millions, only a superhuman could be able to do what a mere man always did but that is just impossible. The widely used search engine in our time ‘Google’ was facing the same problem. In order to process their mountains of data Google used to push them down to database vendors for large sum. With the amount of data that Google required to process, they could soon go under bankruptcy. MapReduce came into picture. This was an algorithm developed by Google to crunch big data but the only drawback was that it was reliant on java coding for successful implementation. MapReduce gave birth to new programs by small startup companies and all the other companies were trying to fetch results building their own but nothing was as efficient as Hadoop.  

Hadoop, the brainchild of Doug Cutting which was under Yahoo and it began as an open source framework for running applications on any commodity hardware.

So why hadoop?
     Parallel computing model gives Hadoop the edge to process data quickly and efficiently
     Gives results faster and cheaper
     Protection of data against hardware failure
     Runs on any commodity hardware
     Cost efficient

In 2016 more than 3 billion has access to internet and global data usage has exceeded 90%. Today, companies have doubled their hiring percentage only for Hadoop developers. The market has grown bigger than ever and this is only going to increase as our dependency on internet shoots up. The world is riding on the big wave of Hadoop. Well, you can learn and master it with little hard work, There are lot of open sources available that provide ample light on the topic, otherwise you can also seek help from Training institutions like Elegant IT services to get in depth knowledge on it.

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